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“Dress how you want to be addressed.”- Anonymous

Being well-dressed is a form of politeness and self-love, that’s one thing that I can’t agree more with. Which is why, every lady should always strive to look her best, particularly so when having to attend a formal occasion such as evening party or other formal wear events.

SZH Atelier actually started from evening gown first before finally branching out as a wedding gown specialist in Jakarta. As the owner and designer, I had to become my own muse and wore my own creation of evening gowns to several wedding parties. My personal evening gowns finally garnered enough attention that I had the chance to dress other people than myself!

As I play with more and more trends, designs, details, fabrics, and other elements of fashion, SZH Atelier Evening Gown collections have grown significantly. Whether you’re the mother, sister, relative or friend of the couple, there is always something for everyone who is looking to dazzle the evening away.

In SZH Atelier gallery of evening gown in Jakarta, there are 2 options available; ready-to-wear evening gowns and custom-made evening gowns.

Similarly, there is the opportunity to purchase or rent the evening gown that you have your eyes on. SZH Atelier has become a dress rental in Jakarta that caters to many ladies who are looking for an exclusive, extraordinary and one-of-a-kind evening gown with complete ease.

For brides-to-be who are looking to have prewedding photography sessions or a change of look during ceremony or wedding party, a formal evening gown is also a brilliant idea to freshen up your style.

Using only high-quality material and luxurious fabrics, SZH dress rental in Jakarta prioritizes on excellent upkeep and constant maintenance. All evening gown collections are treated with absolute care and careful laundry process. The quality and appearance of these evening gowns are also kept in check by high-standard storage and temperature control. This is to ensure clients the best satisfaction when renting these evening gowns from SZH Atelier collections.

With prices that match the quality and service, SZH Atelier prides itself as the best dress rental gallery in Jakarta. Look your best, you deserve it!

Evening Gown

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Evening Gown

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