Evening Gown

Feminine & Luscious Pink Fantasy

Say hello to Arlene, a petite lady who is also a mom of three. On the surface, she may just seem like any regular client. But in reality, Arlene is a special client who got to wear my very personal dress.

I met Arlene during one of the most hectic time of my dressmaking career. She came in for a design consultation and requested a dress which is to be worn on her relative’s wedding. The big date was still 2 months away, but again, my time was too limited that it was not possible to create new gown for her.

Still, we didn’t give up because when I showed her my Ready To Wear Collection, she immediately fell in love with this gorgeous long dress in pink. It was a H-line cutting with slightly puffy halter neck. The back part of the neck area was attached to a lacey cape that was also decorated in beautiful embellishment. The main material consisted of tripoli and soft embellished lace fabric. Matching pink beads and sparkling crystals danced among the elegant swirling patterns, completing this dress with the most perfect feminine allure.

It was indeed a very special dress, not only in looks but also in my personal history. I happened to wear the very same dress for my betrothal ceremony. It was practically new and has only been worn once. Needless to say, this dress holds a significant meaning for me. So to find someone who loved it just as much as I did, was truly a happy moment for me.

When Arlene picked it, I knew she’d look absolutely amazing in it. Since we shared almost the same body features, in height, weight and others, this gown fitted Arlene like a dream. It was as if the dress was made for her! And nothing pleased me more than helping my client found a dress of her dream in such convenient timing.

I’m happy to say that my Ready To Wear or Ready to Rent collection is growing from time to time. All of these rental pieces were made by hands and heart, resulting in couture piece that is truly unique and extraordinary. All of these dresses are also cared for and maintained to stay in excellent condition, so you’ll look simply stunning in my collection.

So if you’re out of time or out of dressmaking option, rental is definitely the best way to go. Make an appointment and stop by my studio, let’s find you the best dream gown that is more affordable and less time-consuming with just the same beautiful result.

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