Evening Gown

Jeffry and Selvia – Engagement Ceremony

My phone rang one day with unfamiliar numbers on the screen. Turned out , it’s an international call all the way from Canada! My client introduced herself as Selvia. She and Jeffry- her fiance, both stay at Canada, and that they’ll return to Palembang for an engagement ceremony with the family. The ceremony will happen in a matter of months.

She further described the dress she had in mind through the phone call. Due to the distance, our communication relied largely on international phone calls, from the color of the dress, model and design, fabric of her choice, and every little details.

Truthfully, I was a bit skeptical of myself at that time. I wasn’t so sure that this LDR thing would work in our favor. There was not a single chance for fitting procedure at all. Moreover, Selvia told me that she could only make it to my workshop at H-10 days from the event date. The pressure was very real, because there was no chance I could disappoint such great trust that a client has placed in me.

So in she came and she put on this high-collared and transparent sweetheart neckline. She slid her slim figure in the dramatic red mermaid tail gown that flaunts her small hips and bares her back amidst the complex twist of flower details. Lastly, she ran her fingers onto the hand-sewn beads with matching red petals. One conclusion : it fitted like a dream. We pulled it off!

All in all, it was an amazing experience to have worked with Selvia. While it’s an important day for her, it’s also a significant project for me. Despite the time and distance, fashion will always prevail.

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