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Modern-Meets-Classic For An Oriental Twist

Hi guys, I hope you remember Erna & Stephen from my previous post!

Our family welcomed this new couple and I was so thrilled to be able to contribute to my brother’s wedding in terms of fashion, my favorite subject.

Like all Asian weddings, Stephen’s wedding also included a blessing ceremony or holy matrimony besides the wedding reception. I love that most wedding traditions come in separate phases – that means there are more reason to dress up, get all dolled up and look fabulously beautiful for the day (or days in some cases!)

Anyway, the blessing ceremony for Erna and Stephen took place in a temple. Oriental designs are a favorite theme to go along in this event. Just like in most cultures, Cheongsams / Qi baos or mandarin gowns is a way to pay respect to our roots and work as a tribute to our Chinese legacy. I personally really adore this classic piece and always looking for a way to play with designs as a fun fashion incorporation.

Cheongsams typically come in fitting or figure-hugging cut, but for Erna whose main concern is not to look too bulky – I opted for a semi-mermaid pattern so that her curvy silhouettes can be highlighted in all the right places. The red fabric was a lace floral embroidery type which I enhanced with a layer of cape for dramatic accent. The last touch was on the collar area with extra embedded crystals and beadings. I super love the sleeve parts too because Erna got to show a bit of skin without having to feel too exposed.

So voila! That’s my interpretation of modern cheongsam for Erna on her big day. The sky is really the limit when it comes to creativity with fashion. All you need is a little bit of imagination and courage to go with the experiment. So, what’s your idea of the perfect cheongsam?

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