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All Eyes On Mother of The Bride

You may remember my previous work for Devy, where I made her a white couture wedding gown 3D flower french lace and full Swarovski beads.

Devy is a very dear friend of mine whom I’ve known since childhood. So naturally, I am very close to her mother as well. She is your not your typical quiet and shy mom, but rather an outgoing personality with a very well-dressed sense of fashion.

To be frank, there was a mix of excitement and nerves when Devy asked me to make a dress for her mother. When you’ve known someone forever, there’s a pressure of not meeting up to their expectation. Plus, her mom is so fashion-inclined, what if my creation was simply not good enough?

Since the theme of the wedding was the color blue, Devy’s favorite color, I recommended a rich electric blue for her mother. This vibrant hue has an opulence touch that shines with elegance. As for the design, I went with a mermaid silhouette dress with extra lace embroidery and sprinkles of Swarovski. The collar is made from an intricate pattern while the lace long sleeves mimic that of the bride’s.

If anyone can pull off that gorgeous blue in a figure-hugging mermaid dress, it’s gotta be Devy’s mom. She has a very youthful vibe about her, from her slim figure to her bustling confidence, which matched so well with the dress. Most importantly, she approved of my design and so did the rest of the wedding guests. In addition to Devy, all eyes were definitely on her too that night – the ever gorgeous mother of the bride.

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