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My Simple Grandeur Wedding Day Dress

I know what you’re thinking : “A girl designing her own wedding dress, isn’t that bad luck?”. But for those who know me, you’d say that “Sisca wouldn’t have it any other way”. Truth be told, I am not that superstitious so I paid absolutely no mind about that myth. After all, it’s the most special day of my life!

As a couturist who spends her days creating formal gowns, each dress that I have created holds a special place in my heart. But I just know that designing and wearing my personal wedding dress was going to be epic. It’s also natural that creating my own piece came quite naturally effortless for me, since I knew exactly what kind of design I prefer, what looks suit me the most.

It was a small yet intimate affair for Mario (my hubby) and I. We have always loved the flair of simplicity, something understated but classy, refined and tasteful at the same time. The main theme of the party was enchanting garden with rustic vibes all around. I’m truly blessed to be able to spend the most unforgettable wedding party in the company of our families and close friends.

My wedding dress was a reflection of our party itself. I had on a lace baroque embroidery with full crystal details and fine embellishments. I’ve always been a fan of little intricate details along with mermaid for its feminine and elegance touch. I also created an outer bolero which I used during the blessing ceremony. As for the wedding party, I added a soft long cape to give it a bit of romantic feel.

I would say that the only challenge of designing my own wedding dress was making a time for it. Our event was back in October and it is typically one of the most hectic months for weddings. So I did have to multitask for longer hours to balance my personal wedding dress with my clients.

Looking back, I have to say that it’s such a rewarding experience creating your personal wedding dress. The significance of each moment I spent making my own gown is not going to be lost on me. It embodies all the right elements that truly make me as the bride that I had envisioned all this time. It makes me realize even more how important it is for a bride to have their own visions, styles and preferences for this special item in their life. So if you’re in the journey of making your own wedding dress, with a designer or sans one, just make sure you are involved in every way.

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