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Simplicity At Its Finest

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. So if you think less means more, you might just share the same principle with Vimi Margaretha.

One look at Vimi and you’d know what she is a down-to-earth person with a sense of tranquility about her. She has a certain calmness that envelopes her with such elegance everywhere she goes. I think she must make a very wise friend and wife to the lucky man she is married to.

Vimi and I actually go way back to our childhood era. We have been friends since we were little, but not exactly the close kind. She continued her study in Malaysia and Melbourne, so we had never been in touch ever since. So when she emailed me out of the blue to say she’s interested in custom wedding dresses, I was ecstatic. Long story short, she put me in charge of the whole family’s dress project for the wedding, including her mom and two sisters.

The theme of her wedding was everything intimate and simple. It was going to be held in different locations, a ceremony in Melbourne and a wedding party in Jakarta. Vimi wanted a key piece bridalwear that was versatile enough for multi occasions and simple enough to fit in her wedding theme.

Despite her simple request, I wanted to make my bride dazzled. So we decided to go with a mermaid cutting that was sexy and flattering on her figure. Using bridal taffeta material, I accentuated the embroidery lace with pearls beading and sparkling Swarovski crystals. This way, Vimi could still shine and speak volume of her allure without being too over the top.

For different looks, I created another simple piece in pleated patterns with matching pearls & floral embroidery. It was tied at the back into a simple bow for a beautiful morning look. Vimi then wore the main dress with a long train for her formal evening party. So two looks, one versatile dress.

Vimi had to fly to Jakarta for her fitting session, so she was a busy bride-to-be back then. I was so happy that she loved the result and that it served her well in separate occasions. She’s very easy to work with, making the whole process an entirely enjoyable one for both of us.

Most modern wedding dresses nowadays come in different functions that work well for separate occasions. The more creative the designer is, the more options you can have with just one main piece of bridalwear. So if you’re like Vimi who needs versatility and sophistication at once, drop me an email at to discuss it with me. Let’s chat and create together.

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