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Stevanus & Agnes – The Wedding Day

I had always knew Agnes as the twin of Angie – a college mate of mine, but we never really had any opportunity to get to know each other better. So when Agnes contacted me out of nowhere, it was such a nice chance to finally meet the twin sister of a dear friend.

With her plan to tie the knot to Stevanus just 2 months away, this talented interior designer was in search for a wedding gown designer. Agnes went down to my studio one day and we got down to lengthy discussions about her dream wedding dress.

I usually require approximately 6 months to finish a wedding gown.  So when Agnes told me that we literally had just a couple of months to create a wedding gown, I was rather taken aback. She proceeded to show me her one-of-a-kind design and it was indeed a superbly artistic and distinct one. Right then I knew, I couldn’t resist the challenge to crafting this gorgeous wedding gown despite the short notice.

The concept of the gown is bi-functional, which is a wedding gown style that is gaining in popularity due to its versatility and double look. The main silhouette of the dress is a H-line that is straight with an accent on the waist. Agnes would wear this simple yet elegant look on her morning holy matrimony and afternoon reception.

While for her grand evening wedding celebration, Agnes would wear the main dress, complete with the detachable shoulder piece and also a 1.5-meter long train. Adorned with peplum layers on the waist, the wedding gown magically transformed from the sleek dress worn in the morning ceremony into a full princess gown fit for any luxurious evening ballroom celebration.

The elements of design through the eyes of Agnes were a combination of floral embroidery affair with a modern criss-cross patterns. Pairing these tasteful ideas, it became one extraordinary and breathtaking masterpiece all at once. All I can say is, the hard work definitely paid off and it was all worth it.

Keep shining Agnes, wish you all the best!

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