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Wendy and Vanisha – The Wedding Day

This lovely bride is someone that I’ve actually known for quite a long time. Vanisha is a sister of my dear friend, Alisha. In a way, I can say that I’ve watched Vanisha grow from a little girl into the woman that she is today.

As you can see, Vanisha is a very beautiful girl and Wendy, her husband, is indeed a very lucky man. To be a part of my friend’s sister wedding is of course, an honor to me.

The wedding itself took part in a grand ballroom in one of the most prestigious venues in Jakarta. Naturally, the wedding dress for Vanisha should be just as grand and magnetic. After all, the scale of a celebration does determine the overall feel and look of the wedding. For example, a bride that hosts a smaller and intimate wedding perhaps will feel her best in an effortless gown, while a bride of a large scale wedding will look her best in an equally lavish dress.

We settled on a ballgown type, one that would bounce with a vibe of elegance and loyalty in the bride’s every motion. A baroque pattern dominates the upper bodice with exquisite lace fabric. To further highlight this area, sprinkles of high grade beads were sown in for that extra glamorous effect.

The lace consists of 2 colors, white and silver, which breathe life to this dress , making it an even more gorgeous piece than a typical wedding ballgown dress. A deep plunging neckline with a lace layer to conceal the skin gives the bride a modesty and ease throughout the wedding.

Lastly, the gown is covered in full lace all the way to the bottom of the dress and it fades out to the upper area with a 1.5 meter long train. Overall, this is a couture wedding gown that begs attention and fits for a fairy-tale like wedding.

Indeed, Vanisha really looked her best that night. As she entered and moved around, it’s as if seeing a real-life princess amongst us. Congratulations again Vanisha, thank you for the trust.

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