Pre-Wedding Dress Jakarta

The Significance of Pre-Wedding Dresses

I think we girls are very lucky nowadays. The concept of wedding doesn’t just begin and finish at the day itself. Now we have engagement ceremonies, pre-wedding photoshoot, ROMs, traditional weddings, and many more. This just means that we get to dress up like princesses and look our best selves in front of camera. I’m quite sure no girl can resist that, am I right?

Personally, I consider the pre-wedding photoshoot as a crucial part before the wedding itself. Pre-wedding photoshoot is not just about getting in front of the camera and have your pictures developed in thick fancy album. Pre-wedding photoshoot is also a chance itself to create a lasting memory with your partner. It’s a fun and adventurous session with your significant other, so it’s really not just about dressing up and posing. Although, all ladies must admit that we do love the dressing up part.

Speaking of prewedding dresses, its importance is not far from the real wedding gown itself. Many of my clients have their pre-wedding dresses specially ordered and made to express themselves. To me, making a pre-wedding dress is just equally important at making an actual wedding gown. Which is why I offer a custom-made pre-wedding dress and also pre-wedding dress rental for all the brides-to-be in SZH Atelier.

My pre-wedding dresses collection ranges from all kinds of dresses and gowns too. From colors, theme, designs, sizes and many more, I’m happy to have helped many of my clients who are in search of pre-wedding dresses. Whether its a pre-wedding dress for rent, custom made pre-wedding dress or pre-wedding dress for purchase, I’m quite confident to say that there’s always something for every lady in the house.

For styling tips, I think it’s great to have a fair mix of several pieces in your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can try out playful look with a midi pre-wedding dress or go all out with an elegant and  formal pre-wedding gown. The idea of pre-wedding dresses for rent is also a sensible one, because for just a fraction of the price, you’d get to try out many looks during your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Another advice from yours truly for all the girls who are going to have her prewedding photography session, just remember to pick a pre-wedding dress that is timeless, fun, and represents your personality at the same time. Be bold with your choices, but be sure that your pre-wedding photography results will look everlasting for many years to come.

Last but not least, have fun and all the best with your pre-wedding photoshoot!