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Mermaid Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

My Simple Grandeur Wedding Day Dress

I know what you’re thinking : “A girl designing her own wedding dress, isn’t that bad luck?”. But for those who know me, you’d say that “Sisca wouldn’t have it any other way”. Truth be told, I am not…

Wedding Dress

Simplicity At Its Finest

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. So if you think less means more, you might just share the same principle with Vimi Margaretha. One look at Vimi and you’d know what she is a down-to-earth person with…

Wedding Dress

An Epic All-White Love Affair

As a fashion designer, I am used to working under pressure. The demand for perfection in fashion is extremely high, whether from my clients or my personal aim. While the work is hard and challenging, the reward is extra…