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Simple Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Ferry Pristin

Pristin gave me plenty of time to work on her double piece, which explains the generous beads and embroidery decorations all over her dress. Essentially a mermaid cut, this piece features a curvy V shaped neckline lined with details.…

Wedding Dress

Rithcie Ivana

Probably one of my most favorite pieces of all time, this piece worn by bride Ivana is made with simplicity in mind. With drapery and slit train design, it’s a gown with deep neckline plunge that requires much confidence…

Wedding Dress

Febry Juwita

A wedding gown that spells luxurious in all the right places, this is a premium piece made especially for my beautiful bride Juwita. Essentially a mermaid gown, the highlight of her gown came in two different parts.  First, it’s…

Wedding Dress

An Epic All-White Love Affair

As a fashion designer, I am used to working under pressure. The demand for perfection in fashion is extremely high, whether from my clients or my personal aim. While the work is hard and challenging, the reward is extra…