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An Epic All-White Love Affair

As a fashion designer, I am used to working under pressure. The demand for perfection in fashion is extremely high, whether from my clients or my personal aim. While the work is hard and challenging, the reward is extra satisfying too. There’s nothing that can beat that pleasure of having delivered your customer’s expectation and see their beauty shines in your creation.

Speaking of perfection and beauty, this white ensemble is just the epitome of it. This absolutely breathtaking white wedding dress belongs to Fransiska Yuliana. And she is just the perfect muse for this sophisticated and modern gown.

Fransiska knew of my service through Instagram. As she was studying in Singapore, all of our discussions had to be done online. She did the measurements herself and we both exchanged messages intensely. She knew exactly what she wanted, all she needed was someone who could deliver.

We finally met one time when she returned to her hometown in Lubuk Linggau. Due to her schedule and commuting problem, she could only visit my studio once for fitting. It was a “ now or never” moment and the pressure was high for both of us.

Her dress was a semi mermaid cut with 1.5 meter long train. Made with embroidery lace and sateen organza, the whole dress was covered with small-sized pearls. The beading technique was entirely handcrafted with precision and care. The dress took us a total of 6 months to complete.  It’s a dreamy, unique and flawless in every aspect.

The magical dress was finally in the hands of its owner, and she just absolutely loved it. In fact, she loved it so much that she took it home with her immediately as her most treasured private possession.

As this is project was one of the most demanding and complex to make, I initially wanted to include it in an exhibition. But again, Fransiska is one busy girl and the dress is now with her in Thailand, where her husband lives.

It’s always an extremely satisfying experience to finish a project and have my clients cherish the results. This epic white wedding dress is no exception too. While I didn’t get to spend more time with it or share it to other fashion lovers in the exhibition, I am grateful for the chance to dress Fransiska and made her dream wedding dress a reality.

Also, thanks to the wonderful technology that we have today, creativity can transcend distance. No more worries about communication because like Fransiska, you too can have your dream dress made through online chats and messaging platforms. If you have more enquiries, just leave me an email at

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