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The Pre-Wedding of Arif & Mega

As a designer, it’s always a pleasure to be designing and making beautiful couture gowns for my clients. However, as the designer of your best friend’s big day – that’s a whole different ball game for me.

Mega is a dear friend of mine and nothing thrilled me more when she approached me to design several key pieces for her pre-wedding photo session in Australia. I’ve cheered her on during her dating days back with Arif, because I simply adore the love story that they shared when they started their relationship.

Both Arif and Mega come from a dentistry background. As her senior, Arif was ever the helpful and supportive mentor to Mega – the junior dentist. It didn’t take long for them to hit it off and long story short, there I was – getting the honor of being the primary designer of her pre-wedding dresses!

For a lady as special as Mega, there’s no room for anything that is less than extraordinary. There are, in total, 3 couture gowns that I designed and made with specifically her vibrant and endearing character in mind.

The first one is a rich crimson red ball gown with one-shoulder bodice. Speckled with red beading pearls and Swarovski crystals, there’s a definitive opulence and luxury vibe to it. The glamorous details are just the perfect match to the long tail that bounces and touches the floor every step of the way. I’m thankful that Mega carried it so well without making it felt overwhelming at all.

Lavender is Mega’s favorite color, which is why the second dress I made for her is dominated entirely in lavender fairy dust color. Overall, it’s quite a simple design really, but the embroidered details exude such a romantic flair that makes it perfect for any special occasion. The bottom part of the gown is a fluffy long one in tutu design. With long sleeved lace paired and a sweetheart neckline, I love how it matched Mega’s skin tone perfectly!

The last one is a dramatic body-hugging bodice with a meter long mermaid tail. Elegance is the name of this couture piece and it truly accentuates Mega’s feminine figure flawlessly. As the mermaid tail drops to touch the floor, there are carefully laid out intricate details for that striking fairy tale effect. Kudos to Mega again for wearing it and owning it completely despite the fairly simple hairdo and makeup.

It’s a humbling moment to see your creations worn on real life models. The same thing certainly hit me when seeing my dear friend in these handmade pre-wedding gowns. I totally enjoyed the times we shared in creating her dresses. While she thanked me for my service, it really was my pleasure entirely. Last but not least, I wish the lucky couple all the best in marriage, love, and life.

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