Evening Gown

Luxe & Dreamy RoseGold Romance

The art of dressmaking is a fluid one. Fashion is ever-changing and as a fashion designer, one cannot afford to stay still and recycle the same inspirations from time to time. It would mean that you’re not growing not just as a designer, but also an individual.

Yet at the same time, how does a designer make her mark in the industry? How does a dressmaker or couturist create different pieces but all still speak her quality? To achieve this standard of quality through a variety of fashion pieces is always something I strive for while also maintain the fluidity of my creations.

For my next client, Vylen, I implemented a different styling from my other past creations – something simple and unique. I experimented with asymmetric and drapery, while also put in my trademark hand-sewn details. As a family guest to her in law’s wedding, Vylen didn’t require something that’s over the top but at the same time, still could steal attention of onlookers.

Her petite figure was also the perfect mannequin for a mermaid style dress. Sateen was my choice as I needed something flowy and effortless to work with a stretch to perfectly hug her lower body. The theme of the dress was “ Rose Gold” which explains the 3D flower embroidery. Meanwhile,  the daisy lace with swirling vines perfectly recreate that dreamy garden feels.

To nail that drapery part, I spent quite some time ensuring that Vylen was fully satisfied. I loved working with her and she brought such justice to the dress when worn to the occasion. It was breathtaking and definitely a memorable piece for both of us!<

To sum up, dressmaking can be so challenging but I believe that each profession demands a different set of hurdles too right? And when we all overcome that obstacles, there’s nothing left but utter satisfaction. All we get to do is just enjoy that moment of happiness and motivate ourselves to work harder, perform better.

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