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Irene & Elbert – Engagement Ceremony

I had the privilege to design a piece of couture oriental piece for Irene during her engagement ceremony with fiance Elbert. The lucky pair held quite an extraordinary engagement ceremony that was as holy as it was joyous. My heartiest congratulations to this good looking couple!

During our meet up, I was extremely pleased by Irene’s outgoing personality. We talked and exchanged ideas without much difficulties. Irene is truly a drop-dead gorgeous woman, and I think everyone will agree with me instantly.

With her doe eyes and infectious megawatt smile, Irene has a milky skin tone and lustrous black hair. I also couldn’t help but noticed that she has a very ideal height and slim figure, almost professional-model like. One thing for sure, having the opportunity to make a formal gown for this doll-like real-life model is like every designer’s dream come true!

In that instant I knew I had to recommend her an oriental piece with a modern twist. I personally love the infusion of Chinese roots in my design, because there’s just so much space for creativity when it comes with pieces like this. Knowing that Irene has just what it takes to rock a body hugging piece, I proposed a body-hugging cheongsam style dress with mermaid tail for extra sultry look.

The finish formal piece is a fiery red cheongsam with sleeveless cut-in model. The high collar is fully beaded with high quality details and it connects to a semi transparent upper bodice with sleeveless cut-in model that shows her toned arms. More full beads follow a certain symmetrical pattern in full lace embroidery that work all the way down to upper-knee hemline.

The bottom part is an enchanting design of pleated technique using flowy chiffon fabric. I picked this soft material because I believe it will balance out the prim and proper look with a touch of feminine elegance.

To be honest, she can easily rock any kind of design, be it modern, vintage, simple, oriental, you name it. But I’m really glad that my idea can be welcome and interpreted so well when it’s worn by the ever gorgeous Irene.

I think it is important to explore ideas that are new, bold, and challenging. It’s only through these explorations that designers can grow out of their comfort zone and create rewarding pieces for themselves and clients as well. For that, I’m thankful for the chance to explore the creativity with Irene and most of my clients.

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