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Floral Coral Meets Pleated Perfection

Meet Maria Bellina Salim aka Auntie Lina, a lovely client of mine who is also the mom of Fiona Liu. If you follow my story closely in this blog, you’d know that Fiona is an old friend of mine who lives in Palembang. They both came for my service for a family wedding event back in June 2016.

Just like her daughter, Auntie Lina was very easy to work with. The color of her dress was also similar to Fiona’s which is a sweet coral hue that looks beautiful against Asian skin tone. As for the design, it’s a rather simple H line cutting which works best for ladies with fuller figure. But the fine details were quite intricate, particularly in the neckline area all the way to her short sleeves.

Using chantilly lace material combined with 3D floral fabric, I also put beadings to highlight the gown further. To make it more interesting, I applied a pleating technique right on both side of the waist area. This worked to bring a nice and attractive design compared to your usual dress.

Overall, there was not much obstacles in creating a dress for Auntie Lina. I think the only challenge was the commuting during her fitting session. I remembered her coming right after landing in the airport to my studio by taxi. I’m definitely glad that she was happy with the design, because she put in so much effort to look extra beautiful for this event.
I’m also happy to know that I’ll be seeing Auntie Lina again soon. With Fiona’s wedding coming up this 2018, I got to work with this kind client of mine. Next one for her is a fabulous gold color which will look her like a million dollar and just right for her daughter’s wedding. So stay tune and wait for it!

I truly love dressing moms or moms in law because they are our rocks in life. So I want to encourage all my clients to support your mom, aunt or other older feminine figures in your life. If you have an important event coming up, they too should shine at their best. They deserve a full loving and a fully-handmade gown of their own, just like Auntie Lina did.

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