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Bringing Sexy Back in Coral Shade

Remember when coral was the IT color back in 2016? Well, this post is going to take you back to that moment in fashion.

Meet Fiona Liu, my sweet but cheeky client whom I knew back during junior high school years. We weren’t exactly close back then, but I was so thankful for the chance to meet her again and dress her up for her relative’s wedding.

Fiona wanted something simple but still could turn heads whenever she went. She trusted me with the design, material, cut and everything – but she made a note on one thing “ No Sleeveless” for her. Hence began the journey to creating one-of-a-kind dress for this super kind lady.
As it was a relative’s wedding, I aimed to create something that is not as dramatic but still had enough glamour effect. I opted for a simple semi mermaid dress, nothing too tight so that Fiona could still move with ease.

The dominating fabric was this delicious coral shade in baroque lace that was truly divine. Paired it up with high quality beads, and there you had it – the most exquisite material for an outer cape that matched her sweetheart neckline.

To avoid the heavy feel of this dress, I decided that a sexy plunging V back was definitely the perfect style for Fiona. She loved it so much because it was just the perfect solution for her. Sexy enough, but not too revealing. She could definitely feel confident, pretty and comfortable at the same time.

Fiona was so happy that she already gave me the honor of making her wedding dress in 2018. Personally, this is a big deal for me, because Fiona lives in Palembang. While her wedding will be held in JW Marriott Jakarta, she will have to make extra flights for her dress designing and fitting.

To say that I’m excited for Fiona’s wedding would be an understatement. I so look forward to collaborating with Fiona again where I can see her, chat and enjoy all the foods she loves to bring each time. Thank you Fiona!

For you girls who have a big day coming up and happen to live out of Jakarta, I highly recommend you plan your schedule well. Browse for styles, make an appointment and call ahead for consultation. It’s important to avoid rush decisions for dress making. Although I do take in express request, your wedding dress journey should be savored with all happiness in the world.

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