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The Dreamy Rose Gold Butterfly Effect

The best thing about my dressmaking journey is often the clients. Take Irene Tjhia for example, a longtime client of mine who has a passion for couture dresses and everything fashion. This beautiful lady definitely knows what she wants when it comes to dressing up and creating a look that totally works for her.

This would be third time Irene sought my service for major events that she would be attending. As it was her brother’s wedding, naturally Irene wanted to look flawless for this big family occasion. And since Irene was already so well-acknowledged in fashion and design, a simple gown would not cut it for her. She wanted something special and out of ordinary for sure.

To start off, she requested a multi design on one dress. This time we went with A-line cut for that sweet and innocent look for the sister of the groom. To add the dramatic flair, she opted for an outer wing that completed the stunning look. The material itself was an 3D fabric embroidered with butterfly patterns on all the right places. It was like a dreamy floating pink garden, and Irene was the princess in it.

What made this rose gold-colored dress even more exciting was the transparent long sleeve attached to the high collar of the dress. It was a very delicate design and fabric so I applied a full hand-sewn technique for this particular part. To achieve extra precision and glam, I spent a lot of time on this making sure of its final quality.

It is always a pleasure to be meeting with another fashion enthusiasts like Irene. She is the type of client who loves to read up and find fashion references then shares it with me. Oftentimes, we both got lost in design discussions that resulted in gorgeous couture pieces for her. You can almost say that, with each discussion, I found a friend in her as she did in me. In fact, she has already entrusted me with future projects that I’m super excited to work on and share with you.

I personally think it is important that all clients feel comfortable around their fashion designer. She should be your fashion coach, offering insight and guidance; someone you could talk to, understand you and fun to work with.

So if you ever need a fashion confidante for your dream dress, make sure you find one that does all that. I believe that all it takes is just a hello or a simple chat to connect with another person. If you are unsure, send me an email at hello@siscazh.com. Let’s begin something wonderful together!

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