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The Flawless Gold Bronze Mermaid Dress

Sometimes it fascinates me to think of how social media has helped me gained so many new acquaintances and friends. Case in point, my instagram platform @siscazh. My little virtual gallery display was where Sheriel Ivia Tirta learned firsthand of my dressmaking journey.

Sheriel is a very sweet and kind lady who said that she’s been looking forward for a chance to work with me since she stumbled upon my IG page. For her to picked me as her first choice for her sister’s wedding party was of course a huge honor for me. Considering that it was such an important party, it was touching to have her trust placed in me. Isn’t it just amazing how strangers can become friends that easily?

Anyway, Sheriel and I are both busy people. So back then, it was quite difficult to find the time to really sit down, have a proper meet-up, and talk about how the design was going to be made for her. A meet-up with client is essential in concept making, first measurement and fitting, and of course, that special chemistry. Due to our hectic schedules, we were only able to meet up during weekends.

But when we did meet, it was as easy as a breeze. Sheriel has an ideal body shape, which prompted me to design a figure-accentuating style for her without weighing her down. A mermaid style dress immediately came to mind. This flare-style dress is particularly suitable for waif-like figure because it clings closely to the body and flares out dramatically for that oomph effect.

It takes not only the correct design in the making of a perfect mermaid dress, but it’s also very important to nail the exact measurements down. In making of each dress for my clients, it’s something that I abide by : professional measurements.

Sheriel ended up with Baroque Lace fabric in golden bronze shape, which pairs well with beading works and patterns. Using high quality Japanese pearls in different sizes, the entire gown follows a symmetrical patterns with a thin see through fabric for the deep plunge backless gown.

Cutting right in the middle of the back is a vertical row of buttons in matching shade to make this gown even more interesting. The back of the skirt is secured with a zipper for easy fitting while the floor- length hemline is also decorated in unique golden shapes with sewn in Japanese pearls in various places.

All in all, the dress just worked out perfectly for Sheriel as the sister of the bride. It’s the type of dress that steals just enough attention without being too dramatic, yet still flaunts her figure. Most importantly, I love how this dress gave Sheriel the freedom to move around effortlessly to enjoy one of the most important milestones in her family. Thank you again Sheriel!

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