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Pink Perfection!

Sometimes people ask me whether to buy or to rent a party gown. The answer to that question actually really depends on the unique situation of each client.

Meet Deviliana, a walk-in client who was already at her wits’ end when we met. Planning to attend her in law’s wedding, Deviliana already got a custom-made formal dress made for her with another designer. But to her disappointment, the dress somehow was not to her liking and thus she had to find another one, at the very last minute!

I often meet with many last-minute clients who have problems with either time, previous design, or other reasons- resulting in such hasty situation. That’s where my gown rental service comes in handy. Clients get to walk in, browse from my collections, try the fitting and then alter them based on their body measurements.

Like all good fashion pieces, all of my creations are made with ready-to-alter designs in mind. This is to allow the rental dress to adapt to different body styles. Even if the dress is for purchase, there’s always a possibility for readjustment based on the owner’s body shape through the years. Afterall, your dress should grow with you!

For Deviliana, this pink perfection piece is about oriental-meets-classic cutting that beautifully accentuates every body type. The upper part is built in demure kimono style, offering comfort, ease and femininity. While the mermaid bottom offers a hint of body-hugging sateen-stretch sexiness that is further enhanced with embellished Swarovski details.

I personally love how timeless this rental gown feels. The sleeve illusion is perfect and not too rigid, while the suede and lace glow along with the unique patterns down below. There’s truly no other dress like this and I’m so glad Deviliana agreed with me. Furthermore, it only took less than 2 days to fit her like it’s custom-made!

The final touch to her look is the matching pink headpiece that added a flair of loveliness on Deviliana. At my atelier, there is also a collection of party accessories that I love to style my clients with. For Deviliana, this one fitted her so much that I decided to include it free of charge. Anything to keep my clients happy! Right?

So, in my professional opinion – don’t shy away from rental gown. It’s definitely a great alternative to your occasions at a much affordable price. Just make sure your rental dress speaks of quality and most importantly, it fits you perfectly!

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