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Denny and Devy – The Wedding Day

The bride in this post is a truly special lady, someone who I hold very dearly in my heart. Devy has been my bestie since we’re both little girls. And it is true what they say about childhood friends, the memories you shared with them simply cannot ever be replaced. We still remain very close to each other till this very minute.

Devy is everyone’s favorite girlfriend. Her jubilant and expressive personality is just what you need for a jolly good time. While she’s quite talkative from time to time, her hubby – Denny, is pretty far from that. He is a rather quiet but still is a very cool guy! Well, I suppose the opposite does attract the contrasting people for the best reasons. They truly are a match made in heaven for each other.

When I heard the news of her engagement, I was extremely happy for her. But I had never thought that she would asked me to be her wedding dress designer. I was of course, beyond ecstatic!

I immediately had something in my mind that struck close to my bestie’s character. I wanted it to be a striking balance between a feminine goddess and your modest girl-next-door, because to me, that who Devy truly is. Someone you can relate too, but has all the quality of a best friend a girl can count on.

Her main wedding gown is a elegant white couture piece. Layered in high neck lace and long sleeves, the high sweetheart neckline is the epitome of the balance I aimed for. The lace is a further decorated with 3-dimensional French flower petals.  This way, it shows just the right amount of skin that makes the wearer shines like a diamond.

Speaking of diamond, I incorporated other type of bling that brings a whole aura of luxury by covering the entire gown in generous amount of Swarovski crystals.

The hemline is also extravagantly layered from the waist down. The voluminous and flowing skirt further nails down the goddess effect while the overall design remains approachable.

I absolutely adore how Devy went with minimal accessories on her wedding dress. The styling allowed the high neckline to radiate on its own and for the whole dress to really speak for itself. Of course, Devy’s natural beauty helped tremendously in letting this creation truly dazzled the crowd.

A long veil and a pair of gorgeous dark blue mary jane in thick heels finally sealed the whole look perfectly. It’s probably just me, but I still sigh with satisfaction each time I see her wedding pictures. That’s just how gorgeous the whole package look to me.

To Devy and Denny, thank you again for letting me be an important part during your love journey. You two will forever be in my good wishes, may you have a great married life!

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