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Fully Glamorous White For the Bride

Meet Steven, my dear little brother…

Growing up, I’d say that my family has always have a big influence on me. It’s definitely an honor as well as privilege when he asked me to be the designer of his bride’s bridal dress.

Erna, my sister-in-law is a lovely woman. She has a look that will definitely make you turn your head twice! She has a very beautiful face and my brother sure is one lucky guy. Erna also happened to live in Palembang before they were officially wedded. So Erna did have to make several trips for fitting sessions and other wedding arrangements.

Like all brides, Erna wanted to look her absolute best. She has quite a voluptuous body so the idea was to work around her full figure and make it work to her advantage. I personally think that Erna is not that heavy-built but I understand that it’s every girl’s main concern, isn’t it?

To balance her frame, I designed a H-line dress with a semi-plunge neckline. Using lace embroidery baroque fabric, I played a lot on the elements of crystals and embellishments as I always do. They just add such a gorgeous, dramatic and glamorous in an instant. My most favorite part of the dress though is the sleeve area. The sleeves are also in embroidery patterns which work fabulously to cover her upper arms while hugging them at all the right places.

All in all, I have to say that this design worked so much to her favor. She definitely stole the show with the extra slimming effect the dress had on her. Not only was I stunned, but a lot of the guests praised her flawless look too that evening. I also have had a few more clients who came forward, through online and real life, and requested for plus size wedding dress- both for rent or purchase. Really glad that both Erna and I got an excellent experience out of her wedding dress.

My last tip for fuller-size brides is to embrace your curves and make sure you go with the right fittings.You definitely don’t want to feel uncomfortable during the best day of your life with the wrong size or design. This is why custom wedding dress is excellent to accommodate a variety of women’s body sizes. There are a lot of designs that still can work on your lovely figure, so just be in touch and let’s discuss whatever your best wedding dress ideas might be!

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