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Evening Gown

Modern-Meets-Classic For An Oriental Twist

Hi guys, I hope you remember Erna & Stephen from my previous post! Our family welcomed this new couple and I was so thrilled to be able to contribute to my brother’s wedding in terms of fashion, my favorite…

Wedding Dress

Fully Glamorous White For the Bride

Meet Steven, my dear little brother… Growing up, I’d say that my family has always have a big influence on me. It’s definitely an honor as well as privilege when he asked me to be the designer of his…

Evening Gown

Love At First Fit

In relationship, there’s love at first sight. In my atelier, this is a story about love at first fit I got to know Aunt Lucy who is the mother in law of my good friend. It’s not everyday that…

Evening Gown

Luxe & Dreamy RoseGold Romance

The art of dressmaking is a fluid one. Fashion is ever-changing and as a fashion designer, one cannot afford to stay still and recycle the same inspirations from time to time. It would mean that you’re not growing not…

Evening Gown

Pink Perfection!

Sometimes people ask me whether to buy or to rent a party gown. The answer to that question actually really depends on the unique situation of each client. Meet Deviliana, a walk-in client who was already at her wits’…