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Sweet Pink Floral For The Sweetest Girl

They say Jakarta is a big metropolis and to certain extent, I agree. I always find it funny how in such a big city, there’s often a big chance of meeting walk-in clients who are somehow already in my social circle. It could be someone whom we happen to share a mutual friend or a family’s relative, and so on.

Take Adeline’s case for example. She came to know of my service through Instagram, but upon her walk-in session, we soon found out how her sister is actually also a good friend of my bestie! I always love when that happens, because it’s such an ice-breaker. Our discussion was a smooth sailing once after that. Adeline is so sweet she kept saying all the nice things about my workshop display. I knew I just had to create something special for this new friend of mine.

For her event, Adeline wanted to use some of her own materials. As a designer, I love to work with all kinds of fabric and never have a problem with any material my clients bring in. In fact, I love it when new clients ask me to experiment with different types of fabric.

So Adeline brought along her a gorgeous lace fabric imprinted with 3D laser-cut floral details. I would later on added Swarovski crystals to bring more depth and dimensions to it. She was quite flexible and open with my suggestions, so we decided to go with a semi-mermaid gown in soft pink color, complete with a detachable train organza for that amazing effect.

Adeline was no sure how it wanted her dress at first. But once the results was ready, it took just a couple of fitting sessions with Adeline and she was overall happy with the result. Not only did she recommend her aunt as my next customer, she also promised to return as a happy customer for her sister’s wedding next year.

It’s entirely normal for clients to be confused or have no idea about their dream gown. It is my job as your fashion designer to offer the best inputs and recommendations, so that you’d have the absolute confidence in dressing for important events. So find a friend in your fashion designer, just like how I always find a friend in my clients.

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