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Valentino Red: A Passionate Gown For The Mother In Law

It’s not very often that a designer gets the honor of making a wedding gown for both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. The bride, Fenny, introduced me to these two important ladies in her life. Fenny herself came to know of my dressmaking service through my Instagram page.

Long story short, both mothers also agreed on the same color on the same fabric : Valentino Red. This particular shade of red is a rich and bold color that attracts attention. And I believe that perfect red dress instantly makes a woman feel attractive and confident, regardless of body shape or age, for that matter. The Valentino Red color was also picked in adjusting with the theme and decoration of the party.

While I made a mermaid shape gown for the mother of the bride I decided to go for H-line for the mother in law. I personally think understanding your client’s body shape is one of the most essentials thing to consider before making the dress. As her body is well-built and rather heavy set, a H-line dress will give her the advantage of looking smaller and much more confident.

For final touches, both mothers have a glamorous train attached at the back of the gowns. For that extra queen-feel like, I added a hefty amount of pearls for sparkles and shines all through the night. By then, my clients will probably also know that pearl is really my signature in dress creation.

All in all, I’m very happy that both mothers got to look their best for this important event of their lives. It’s truly as an honor to be making dresses for these motherly figures who undoubtedly are the people responsible for their children’s lives in many way. It was also a challenge to make 2 different sets of gowns for these 2 strong ladies that called back to one another, yet still possessed a sense of individuality at its best.

For that challenge and honor, I thank Fenny and congratulate her big family once again for the joyous celebration.

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