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Something Special For Mommy Dearest

They say that a mother’s love is like nothing else in the world and I simply couldn’t agree more. In my dressmaking adventure, I’ve seen so many parents who beam just as bright as the bride or the groom. It’s like they are even more excited and eager to look their best in the happiest day of her son or daughter’s life.

For that reason, I take the task of making the gown for the mother of the bride or groom extra carefully. It’s important that the mother is given the spotlight, but not in a way that will outshine the real princess of prince of the day.

In Bella’s case, she too has a very supportive mother, whom I refer to as Aunt Lina. I made a total of 2 gowns for Aunt Lina: for the engagement ceremony and wedding day. On both occasions,  I could definitely feel that this lady is the perfect example of a caring and kind person. I was very happy to have been involved in making for both Bella and Auntie Lina the perfect dresses for the wedding of the family’s son.

In this particular post, you are going to see the creation that she’ll be wearing to the wedding ceremony. For a special lady like Auntie Lina, I designed something lavish and grand. This time, I used the elegant jacquard material in rose gold color. This fabric has a heavier feel and the one I picked already had the most gorgeous intricate raised patterns.

For this dramatic fabric, I went with a double look. The first is an inner mermaid silhouette which can be easily transformed into a ball gown for the second look by simply adding additional wings on both sides. The finishing touch was pearls in gold for that glamorous feel and a baroque pattern embroidery.

Upon first fitting after the gown was made. It fitted Auntie Lina like a dream. We absolutely loved it! On the wedding day itself, I also went down to make sure that the gown fit well as an extra service to this lovely mother. It’s safe to say, she loved it as much as I do. For the chance to meet and create something for her, it’s truly a pleasure for my little atelier.

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