Evening Gown

The Fiery Red Perfection

You may remember my client named Siu Yang from her coral dress for her son’s holy matrimony that took place in Singapore. This time, we’re making her the main gown for the wedding reception.

Being the mother of the groom, naturally auntie Siu Yang wanted to look her best. Her main concern was her thin look, because she did have a rather petite and small frame. So the goal here was to create a dress that would not slim her down further.

As always, auntie Siu Yang wanted something out of ordinary. While most mothers would want to tone down with subdued colors, auntie Siu Yang requested the bold red as the color of her choice. She also noted that she would prefer to look dramatically different from her previous dress.

Eventually, I went with a semi mermaid design dress. When done right, a semi-mermaid shaped dress can bring out the allure and voluptuousness of the wearer with ease. The dress was also layered with a beige-tone fabric underneath the see-through fiery red color. Soft and light colors have the voluminous effect compared to darker colors, so in this case, the color contrast would work perfectly to making the most proportionate figure for my client.

This dress also has the illusion of sexiness with its almost skin-like color and see-through cutting patterns on the mid-parts of the dress. To offer more confidence and comfort, I also designed a side flowing wings in red to cover up the thigh and back area. Each time auntie Siu Yang walked with the dress, it would create a glimpse of lusciousness and elegance at the same time. And that was just the right order that I managed to tick off my list, for this awesome client of mine.

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