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Retro Glamour Meets Vintage Beauty

Engagement ceremony is another milestone in our life that needs a proper celebration. I always love to design for formal engagement dress because oftentimes it’s not as complex and extravagant as wedding dresses. This is a good opportunity to insert some charm and uniqueness into the dress, so that the wearer will look even more chic and fabulous.

Theola Arifin is my client for this particular formal engagement dress. Recommended by Hilda from Bridestory, she is the dream muse that all designers would be lucky to have. Not only is she blessed with such a lovely face, Theola also has a slender body type and fair skin that will fit with any design and color. Most importantly, she is so easy to work with. I’m always lucky to be blessed with awesome and kind clients like her.

For Theola’s event, I designed something that is quirky and unique with vintage vibe. It’s common for ladies to pay homage to tradition during engagement ceremonies. So high collar or fitting design from qipao or cheongsam is often a favorite style to be used.

I applied the same principle with Theola’s dress. Her body type is simply perfect for fitted-dress, so the upper part of the dress resembled that of oriental body-hugging style. The play on pattern was the symmetry on the chest area which looked simple but gave the dress a demure character.

The most interesting part of the dress was down on the bottom area. With H-line cutting, attached were string-like feathers in matching soft pink colors. Each string swayed with elegance, following Theola with grace everywhere she walked.

As a result, there was a vintage nuance that paired nicely with a touch of 1920’s retro vibe. Theola also wore her hair in low bun with an antique floral accessories on her special day, which was just icing on the cake on her whole look. I think you must agree, she looked absolutely stunning, stylish and totally on point.

For those of you who are looking to create your own engagement outfit, remember that creativity is essential. Let your personality shine through what you’re wearing while also opt for something that you feel comfortable in. Everyone has their own style, and I’m glad I have been able to bring out Theola’s personality on her party.

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