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Color Me Coral

My next client is a sweet lady from Palembang. Having heard of my dressmaking service from her friend, she wasted no time to be in touch and booked my service way ahead of her schedule. She introduced herself as Siu Yang, saying that she would be needing a dress for her daughter’s holy matrimony in Singapore.

To waste no time, she planned ahead which is really admirable of her. It just goes to show that mothers who plan well for herself is also planning for the daughter’s happiness. And for that, I aimed to not disappoint auntie Siu Yang who had vested her trust in me.

I have handled plenty of design requests for mothers of the bride. Most mothers prefer to look between a mix of elegance and sophistication, while only a handful will prefer to go bold or reveal too much skin. I was so glad that auntie Siu Yang fell into the later category because she wanted to go for a luscious look, while still looked feminine and demure at the same time.

Auntie Siu Yang has a rather small and thin build so her first concern was to avoid looking too frail and thinner than she already was. This request again is a first, because most of my female clients’ priority is to look slim. Auntie Siu Yang continued to surprise me in many ways.

I then picked a semi cocktail dress in a pretty coral color for her. I always associate coral color with youth and energy with just the right touch of softness. This hanging-shoulder dress is held upright by a transparent fabric, thus making it flexible and comfortable at the same time. A 3 dimensional floral arrangements and pearls were also added to sweeten and put an extra glam for the proud mother.

As she left with a happy smile, I thanked her for putting me up to a new challenge. Congratulations auntie!

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