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A Shade of Red For The Mother of The Bride

A wedding is a happy occasion and it often involves many people in the making of a truly successful wedding. In Fenny’s case, she got not one but 2 mothers who were seeking a dressmaking service for her wedding. The first one being her mother and the second one being her mother-in-law. Anyone who says in laws can’t get along definitely can take a tip or two from Fenny!

These both mothers share the same love for their children and more. To be precise, they also loved the idea of sharing the same color and fabric for their gowns. So in essence, I’m making formal dresses for both mothers of the happy couple, like a big unit of happy family. This thought alone brought extra excitement to me.

For Fenny’s mom, I created a mermaid- style dress with a classy bow at the back. The bow worked as a nice addition and gave a playful look to the whole dress. A long train followed the bow with an ornamental intricate design scattered in certain space of the fabric.

The red color that we selected was definitely a winning shade; its rich deep and vivid red is one that will be remembered long after they worn it. To accentuate the glamour of the dress for the mother, I added more sparkling pearls and high quality Swarovski beads all over it.

Fenny’s mom was ecstatic with the final result, especially it gave her a slimming effect that all ladies usually are dying to have. I’d say that she looks lovely, whether in a simple everyday outfit or in this stunning red gown. Above all, congratulations to the happy mother of the bride.

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